My name is Sigrid McNab and I am an Entrepreneur and a full time Internet Marketer. My main focus is my Amazon business, Internet Marketing Training, product creation, and affiliate marketing.

I am married, the mother of a beautiful daughter and a handsome son 🙂   I work from home, at Starbucks, at the beach, and while traveling around the world – wherever I want to be at the moment!  Working online allows me to make a good income on my own terms.

I love to spend time with my children and not miss any event in their lives. And my job now, let me do that. I also would like to build enough wealth so I can retire sooner that the average working person. My professional goal is to help other entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams too.

I love yoga and eating healthy so that is why my two physical products (so far….I have more product ideas in the making) are yoga socks and the iPad stand that will keep my gadget safe while I am cooking from online recipes sites. I have created two brands for each niche. Halo Sports for yoga related products and Vichy Saint Clair Some Solutions for all the cooking related products.

I am a very successful business woman; I worked long time in Corporate America, in different functions from Accounting to Finance to Human Resources. I took my MBA and many other diplomas. I love challenge and I never quit. I love what I do and that is the most important thing. As Confucius said: “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

My entrepreneur and Online Marketing journey is not like a fairy tale. At least not the beginning but the ending will be. I was scammed, lied to, and failed, failed, and failed some more. But all this made me to want even more to succeed. “What does not kill you makes you stronger”. It’s very true. I have learned from all the failures and got a good lesson on what is not working and what not to do. Like Edison said “I have not failed. I have learned 10,000 time that won’t work”. Important is not to give up. Just stand up, wipe the dust off and go forward!

As I said above, I would love to be able to retire earlier…my job does let me work allover and I can travel freely, but someday….I would love to know that I do not have to work. If I work, will be because I want to and not because I have to.

I love people with open minds….people that are not afraid to take changes, people that are not afraid to fail, people that do not give up…I love what I am: an Entrepreneur. And here are some of my favorite people….

Do not give up! Your success is closer than you think it is. Contact me if you need help and remember:

Best Regards,


Sigrid McNab